By Michael Boyce

Our nature is a bird that does take flight in dreams and memories. We are complex and so we are not always in agreement with ourselves. It is in our nature to be what we are and try not to be that way. Our nature is a bird that's edited in flight. It is natural to do this. This is why we do tell stories, however we do tell them and in whatever form or style. Stories are a way to sort things out.

Memories and dreams do come to you like anything that is essential to your nature, whether you do wish for them, or it, to come to you or not. They are visited upon you like a ghost. They are haunting you. This can be disagreeable, but it also can be pleasant, or beautiful, or simply interesting. They come to you and you can then embrace them or reject them. You can also be like that with your own nature and with the nature that's the world outside of you. Both of them do come to you and both of them can either be embraced or be rejected as being disagreeable or pleasant, or simply interesting or not.

Once, when I was young, there was an owl on exhibit, sitting on a branch in a small container made of glass. I do remember this. I remember locking eyes with it and staring, looking deep into its eyes and being fascinated by the way it did not look away or blink. It had big yellow eyes. It registered on me that this was a different kind of animal. I felt the owl's individuality, I felt the spirit of the owl. I was transfixed and fell in love with it. The whole thing did impress me in some way. Thinking of the glass case now unsettles me.

A memory that comes to me is like a bird that comes to me. A memory I go to is a memory I fly to and I am then the bird. A memory that comes to me is like a dream that comes to me, mostly when I'm sleeping. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between a dream and a memory. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between a bird and me. Sometimes I am haunted and sometimes I'm a haunting, I suppose. A bird is like ghost.

The spirit is a ghost. Any dream and any memory that comes to you, that isn't sought by you, is a spirit that is visiting, is a bird in flight. Any story about any memory or dream like that is a bird in flight. The bird carries the spirit of the story, of the memory or dream, to visit upon anyone. Any story pays a visit with it's memory or dream and it's thinking about anything. Any thinking about anything is like a bird in flight when any bird is like your nature.